A slideshow of traveling phobias

Limnophobia - Those with a fear of lakes don't want to come here at Sebago Lake in southern Maine. Its deepest part lies around 316ft

Anyone can have phobias, from normal people like me and you to famous rock stars, presidents and also travelers. This last group is a rather interesting one because you'd think that people who travel around would get used to seeing many … [Read more...]

10 strange celebrity phobias


Yes that's right, even the most famous and glamorous people out there are afraid of certain things. On this website we try to provide you with information about phobias, links to organizations helping people with phobias and generally aim … [Read more...]

What fear can teach us [TED talk]


Phobias are often closely linked to fear. Whilst phobias are extremely complex and difficult to diagnose, the concept of fear is perhaps even stranger to us. For many years scientists have researched the concept of 'fear' and tried to find … [Read more...]

How fear works & other amazing facts


Even though the topic of phobias is often seen as negative and bad, there are some amazing facts to be found in the field. For instance, did you know that there are 530 officially recognized phobias and that over 19 million adult American … [Read more...]