What fear can teach us [TED talk]

Phobias are often closely linked to fear. Whilst phobias are extremely complex and difficult to diagnose, the concept of fear is perhaps even stranger to us. For many years scientists have researched the concept of ‘fear’ and tried to find both psychological and biological causes to explain why humans are afraid of certain things.

In this interesting and inspiring TED talk, novelist Karen Thompson Walker shows quite a different point of view on the concept of human fear. She states that fear can trigger imagination and creativity within our minds, because it forces us to imagine possible futures and how to cope with them.

Imagine yourself on a shipwreck in the midst of the gigantic Atlantic Ocean. You can choose to swim to one direction and safe your shipmates, or you can choose to swim in the other direction and be sure to safe yourself. How do you choose? What happens when we have fear of consequences rather than a situation itself? Why do we fear to choose?

These and more questions are discussed in Walker’s talk: